Don't Turn Me On (and Walk Away)

from by Porky's Groove Machine

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A PSA about living sustainably.


Don't turn me on and just walk away
Don't fire my furnace up if you ain't gonna stay
You know that I don't have infinite energy
Which is why we're talkin' energy efficiency

Don't forget to flick me off if you can't stick around
There's only so much coal, deep beneath the ground
Our fires won't be burning for eternity
Which is why we're talking energy efficiency

Put a sweater on, buy efficient bulbs
Turn the furnace off, and if you feel the love
We can turn out the light, and we can snuggle tight
And we'll stay warm while saving on our heating bill, toooooonight

There are so many ways that we can show our love
For the funkiest of worlds that's given us so much
So let's get down and dirty, we'll show you what we mean
We're talkin' all those funky ways to live sustainably

Ride your bike, it'll feel alright
If you ask around, there are lots of ways to get downtown
Hop on the bus, the ride's on us
Find a public groove machine and you'll be feelin' green


from Porkus, released April 11, 2017




Porky's Groove Machine Appleton, Wisconsin

The finest funk in all the universe is crafted on Planet Funk. After leading the revolution to overcome the evil lord Sauron who had banned brunch and syncopation, Porky sent his Groove Machine to Earth piloted by Interstellar Funk Missionary Robeert Beerchild. We carry on the tradition of this funk according to Robeert's teachings and our funk focuses on important themes like brunch and anatomy. ... more

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